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FCC Call Sign: K3WRG

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Monthly Club Meetings

K3WRG meets on the first Wednesday of every month at the Berlin Fire Company Administrative Building in Berlin, MD. Join us for club news, presentations, license tests, special guest speakers, and more! Doors open at 6:00 PM for testing and meet and greets. Club meeting begins at 7:00 PM.

Weekly Nets

Tune in to the Worcester County Amateur Radio Net every Wednesday at 8:00 PM on the K3ORB UHF repeater in Ocean City, MD. The frequency is 443.450 with a +5 MHz offset, PL tone 151.4 MHz. We would love to have you!

FCC License Exams

Ready to get your ticket? Whether you're new to ham radio or want to upgrade your existing license, K3WRG can help! We conduct license exams at our monthly club meetings. Use our contact form below to book your spot! Limited seating available. Testing starts promptly ast 6:00 PM at our monthly club m


K3WRG hosts a variety of events such as the annual ARRL Field Day Event and the Fall Meet-Up. Get out for a chance to meet other hams, experiment with cool equipment, deploy antennas, and much more!


FM Analog Repeaters

Repeaters are one of the primary ways amateur radio clubs communicate and we have many options on Delmarva!

Here's a small list from around the tri-county area that our members and other clubs use regularly.

K3ORB - Weekly Net Every Wednesday at 8:00 PM

  • RX: 443.450
  • TX: 448.450
  • PL Tone: 151.4 MHz
  • Offset: +5.000 MHz
  • Mode: WFM and P25
  • Band: 70cm
  • Location: Ocean City, MD

N3RCC - Ocean Pines 2m

  • RX: 145.190
  • TX: 144.590
  • PL Tone: 179.9 MHz
  • Offset: -0.600 MHz
  • Mode: WFM
  • Band: 2cm
  • Location: Ocean Pines, MD

K3DRC - Weekly Nets Monday at 9:00 PM and Sunday at 9:00 AM

  • RX: 146.820
  • TX: 146.220
  • PL Tone: 156.7 MHz
  • Offset: -0.600 MHz
  • Mode: WFM
  • Band: 2m
  • Location: Salisbury, MD

W3PRO - Drive Time In The Morning 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM

  • RX: 146.925
  • TX: 146.325
  • PL Tone: 156.7 MHz
  • Offset: -0.600 MHz
  • Mode: WFM
  • Band: 2m
  • Location: Salisbury, MD

WS3ARA - Weekly Net on Tuesdays at 8:00 PM

  • RX: 147.090
  • TX: 147.690
  • PL Tone: 156.7 MHz
  • Offset: +0.600 MHz
  • Mode: WFM
  • Band: 2m
  • Location: Millsboro, DE

WS3ARA - Weekly Net on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM

  • RX: 147.015
  • TX: 147.610
  • PL Tone: 156.7 MHz
  • Offset: +0.600 MHz
  • Mode: WFM and YSF Fusion
  • Band: 2m
  • Location: Selbyville, DE

WS3ARA - Fusion and Wires-X

  • RX: 449.825
  • TX: 444.825
  • PL Tone: 156.7 MHz
  • Offset: -5.000 MHz
  • Mode: WFM and YSF Fusion
  • Band: 70cm
  • Location: Millsboro, DE

DMR Repeaters

Visit www.delmarvadmr.com to learn more about the WR3IRS Interstate DMR network that spans across Delmarva and beyond!

About Worcester Radio Group

Worcester Radio Group is a non-profit amateur radio club in Worcester County, Maryland. The FCC call sign is K3WRG.

The Worcester Radio Group is an ARRL affiliate club, hosts annual radio events, monthly meetings, and weekly nets on the K3ORB UHF Repeater in Ocean City, MD (443.450 MHz).

The club is open to everybody with an interest in communication. Become a member on our website to get access to our mailing list, events, news, and other information.

Club Officers:
President, Mark Shaw - K3WOC
Vice President, Testing Team Leader, Compliance Officer, Bob Trautman - K3BT
Treasurer, Secretary, David Fitzgerald - K3DAF

Membership Levels

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Associate - Free to all

  • Access to club resources, news, events, announcements at K3WRG.COM.
  • Access to our group message board and mailing list for asking questions, sharing projects, and buy/sell/trade electronics and radio gear.
  • Attend weekly nets and be a guest at our monthly club meetings.

Official Member - $20.00 Per Year

  • Everything above!
  • Helps to provide financial support for club expenses such as radio equipment, website hosting, online meeting services, PO Box, and more.
  • Exclusive access to the WRG Discord Server!
  • Vote on club initiatives, projects, spending, and events!
  • Listed as an official member on our ARRL club roster and weekly net roll call.

Gold Member - $30.00 Per Year

  • Everything above!
  • Callsign special recognition on our website, all club publications, events, and QRZ page.

Family Plan - $50.00 Per Year

  • Everything above!
  • All members of your family with an amateur radio license become official members of K3WRG!
Download, Print, Mail Application

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